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Outdoor activities

The United Boatmen present you the descent of the Semois river by canoe and kayak.

From Chiny to Lacuisine, Florenville, Martué or Chassepierre :

for 8 to 26 kilometres in a single or double seat kayak or by canoe. The choice is yours !


Come and spend an unforgettable day along the waters in truly wild country ablaze with striking trails and amidst outstanding sites.

Gliding in a kayak or a canoe, along a trail which ends either in Lacuisine either in Chassepierre or even more,

depending on your mood and your desire to discover an unspoilt nature.

With family or friends, you can arrange your relaxing day.

Semois is a river that is accessible to everyone from 2 to 77 years and no experience is necessary to fully enjoy the fun of canoeing!


Outdoor Florenville (01/07-31/08)


Indoor Jamoigne & Bertrix

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Plan your trip by calling our travel blog via your customized list of places to visit in our region.

Select hotels, restaurants, museums and other place that our site will give you.

The visit includes an audiovisual presentation of the history of the monastery and of the present-day life of the Community (approx.20 minutes), access to the ruins of the medieval abbey, the Museum housed in the foundations of the 18th century buildings, the pharmaceutical Museum and the medicinal herb-garden.

The oldest and most interesting vestige of feudalism in Belgium. The origins of the first fortifications date back to the eighth century. Their existence became a certainty in 988. He was immortalized by Godefroid, leader of the First Crusade (1096) and Avoue of the Holy Sepulcher. The castle was occupied militarily until 1830.

Explore the fascinating world of animals and meet 500 animals 75 species and breeds of domestic and exotic animals.

25 meters deep underground.

Descend into the Ardennes surface and discover the miraculous work of the "scailtons" the Ardennes miners.

Discover the giant blasting created rooms of 8000 m3, galleries, rails and carts that still bear witness to the largely forgotten, yet glorious industrial past.

Visit  Herbeumont, Virton, Luxemburg stad, Sedan (F), Charleville-Mézières (F), …

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They say:

Une planche de fromages, un bon verre de vin ou une bière artisanale et régionale, et si c’était ça le bonheur ? ... and it is.

30 rue Neuve, 6810 Jamoigne

Tél.: +32 473 92 14 55


Resto, a place where you can have diner with your group. give them a call in advance. 

A Market with local products, fresh from the farmers, also a traiteur service.

Brasserie  & resto

Gallo-Roman site & walk


Ronny Bosmans & Christel Peeters give you quality food and top service. A Monthly menu.

Resto at 1 Hour walk from Le Charmois

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26 Voie d'Orval, 6810 Prouvy (Chiny)


6 rue du Faing, 6810 Jamoigne

Tel.: +32 61 50 29 79

Open from:

Tu- Sa : 9:00 - 18:00

Sun: 9:00 - 12:00


Boulangeries & pâtisseries

9 Rue de l'Institut, 6810 Izel


+32 61 31 13 49

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6 Rue de Virton, 6810 Chiny

+3261 58 70 86


Carrefour, Colruyt, Aldi, Intermarché, Delhaize (Florenville)

Shops & pubs at  Florenville

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